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Promotional Deals

Lite Fare 49.95 Deal.JPG

Terms & Conditions:

Discount fares do not include any checked bags and are non-refundable.


These promotional deals are exclusively applicable to San Francisco International Airport trips and are not valid for other locations.

This promotional offer is valid for travel from February 1st to June 31st, 2024. To qualify for a one-way LITE fare of $49.95, you must book a roundtrip journey between "Base Station", Sacramento 95828 and SFO International Airport or between SFO International Airport and "Base Station Sacramento". Please be aware that this offer does not apply to door-to-door service.


The advertised price pertains to each passenger and does not cover suitcases or luggage items, which are subject to a $7.95 fee per piece. Taxes and fees are excluded from this promotional offer and will be invoiced separately during the booking process. please keep in mind that these are non-refundable fares including luggage fees at all times.


Additionally, this promotion cannot be combined with coupon deals or reservations that have already been confirmed. Please note that we retain the right to decline shuttle service to any individual.

Passengers are strongly recommended to choose their preferred travel time, as we cannot assume responsibility for missed, delayed or even cancelled flights.

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