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Baggage / Luggage Wrapping Assistance

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Airport Luxury Shuttles Inc
Airport Luxury Shuttles

Specializing in safeguarding check-in luggage, our Baggage Protection Services cater to air travelers' security needs.

Airport Luxury Shuttles offers additional services aimed at assisting passengers in securing their belongings before check-in. Our bag wrap machines boast state-of-the-art technology, swiftly enveloping passengers' luggage in 100% recyclable, non-toxic, tamper-resistant plastic film within seconds

Our Baggage Protection Service acts as a shield against various risks, including:

1. Theft & Pilferage
2. Damage
3. Foul Weather (Rain & Snow)
4. Accidental Openings
5. Manipulation
6. Mishandling
7. Wear & Tear
8. Stains & Scratches
9. Introduction of Unauthorized Items
10. Smuggling

Luggage Weight Assessment:


To ensure compliance with baggage weight limits, we provide free an onsite scale for pre-wrapping weighing. This feature enables us to assist customers in avoiding potential overweight charges imposed by airlines.

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